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Are you taking an Important Decision in your life ?
Are you thinking of a investing in a new project ?
Are you planning to take a new partner in business ?
Are you planning to get married to X ?
Are you unclear about the next step ?
Is the issue very confidential that you cannot discuss with your friends ?
Life is a journey in which we make several decisions, some right and some we realize as wrong at a later date. Moreover life and circumstances bring up many surprises and challenges we have to face, at a time when we are not ready. Fortunately we are not alone on this earth and many have walked before us on the path of life.
I Ching is the ancient oracle of China. Several People have consulted it, through the generations, for taking decisions, planning, improving relationships, spiritual attainment etc.,
Here are a few Frequently asked questions about I Ching :
How old is I Ching?
  About 5000 years.
In which country did it originate?
  I ching is from China.
Who consulted in the past?
I ching was consulted by several thousand people before you and me. Users include men and women in great position and lay people.
On what can i consult I Ching?
  Choice of topic is yours.I ching is consulted on all important issues of life. For example -taking a business partner, entering a Joint Venture etc.,
What preparation is required?
  No extra preparation is required. All you need is the desire to consult
How long will a session last?
  Generally about 20 minutes to 30 minutes
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